Kafina is a coffee producing company, founded in 1991 under the name Elia.

Over the years Kafina has become a leading importer of green coffee in Bulgaria.


In 1991 Kafina introduced their own brands of HORECA coffee: Vienna and Mocca.


In 1994/95 Kafina invested more than 1 one million euro in installations, made by Probat and a packing line by Dorner, thus almost completely renewing the production equipment.


In 2001 Kafina launched a new product under the brand Elia – whole bean coffee for vending machines and HORECA.


In 2004 Kafina successfully implemented the principles of good manufacturing practices and HACCP standards.


In 2005 Kafina signed an important partnership agreement with the second largest exporter of

green coffee in Vietnam.


In 2008 Kafina extended its portfolio with many different blends of ground, vacuum-packed coffee.


In 2008 and 2009 Kafina signed its first contracts with large international retailers for supplying various kinds of ground vacuum-packed and whole bean coffee.


In 2012 Kafina was certified under IFS & BRC standards.


Planning and building of a completely new coffee factory with modernized technology


Today the factory’s capacity is 330 tons of whole bean coffee and 40 tons of vacuum coffee monthly.


Succesfully certified by IFS 6.0 – standart for audititing quality and food safety of food products