• Kafina’s factory has high-tech equipment, which is among the most modern in Bulgaria. The equipment manufacturers are leading German and Italian companies in the field of coffee processing and production.
  • Coffee processing is fully automated with last-generation systems for storage, transport and mixing of green and roasted coffee.


        • The existing packaging line enables the company to market whole bean coffees in 1 kg and 3 kg packaging, ground and vacuumed coffee in 250 g packets, and 500 g metal cans. A special film that retains the taste and aroma of coffee is used in the packaging process.
        • Whole Bean Coffee – 1 kg 3 kg;
        • Vacuumed Ground Coffee – 0.100 kg; 0.200 kg; 0.250 kg; 0.400 kg;
        • Soft Packaging – 0.100 kg; 0.200 kg;
        • Coffee Capsules – compatible with Lavazza Blue.

Production capacity:

Production Capacity
/per month/
Used Capacity
/per month/
Spare Capacity
/per month/
Roasted Coffee
220 т
100 т
120 т
Packaged Whole Bean Coffee
200 т
70 т
130 т
Ground and Vacuumed Coffee
20 т
7 т
13 т

Production Equipment:

      • Machine roasters with a capacity of 1200 kg per hour;
      • Machine roasters with a capacity of 160 kg per hour;
      • Packaging machine for vacuum packaging;
      • Packaging machine for two types of packaging – 1 and 3 kg;
      • Packaging machine for packaging of 1 kg with a valve;
      • Separating machine.