Energy Efficiency

Kafina 13 Ltd., as a beneficiary under a contract for grants BG161PO003-2.3.02-0342-S0001, OP “Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013” procedure BG161PO003-2.3.02 Energy Efficiency and Green Economy, is implementing the following project:

Improving Kafina 13 Ltd.’s competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and the introduction of energy-saving technologies.

The overall objective of the project is aimed at improving competitiveness, increasing energy efficiency and expanding the market position of Kafina 13 Ltd., through investment in energy-saving technologies and energy-efficient renovation of the commercial building.

Specific project objectives:

• Restoring the usability of the commercial building;

• Reducing energy costs for the company;

• Replacement of the fuel type of the existing heating system in the building – switching from diesel fuel to natural gas;

• Replacing the existing lighting with energy-efficient bulbs;

• Reducing heat losses of the building;

• Efficient use of energy sources and reducing the adverse environmental impacts resulting from energy consumption;

• A fundamental change in the processes related to the implementation of the commercial activities of the company (storage, transport and mixing of production) by replacing manual labor with automated;

• Reducing the volume of waste products;

• Improving production quality and increasing sales.

The project implementation will lead to energy-efficient renovation of the company’s building, as well as increasing the energy efficiency of processes associated with warehousing, transportation, mixing and packaging of products; expanding product range, increasing sales volume, increasing the overall competitiveness of the company.